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Welcome to alice_icontest, a weekly icon challenge contest for the Gakuen Alice series by Tachibana Higuchi. Each week, a new challenge will be issued on which members will base their entries on. At the end of the week, all entries will be posted for voting. Winners will be announced on Sunday night and will receive banners from our mods.

Please feel free to join - even if you aren't an iconmaker, you can always stay as a spectator and voter to our weekly challenges. ^_^


1. All submitted icons must be of official Gakuen Alice art. Manga, anime and game art are acceptable, but fanart, cosplay and doujinshi are not.
2. Only members are allowed to participate in the contest, and may submit up to two icons per challenge.
3. Icons must be 100x100 pixels (unless otherwise stated) and 40 KB or under, and be of a valid file type.
4. All submitted icons must be fresh, preferably made specifically for the challenge, or at least not over 7 days old.
5. Do not use userpics or public scrapbooks to host your icon. Instead, use anonymous hosting sites, such as Photobucket and TinyPic.
6. Icons must not be posted anywhere else during the challenge, and will result in disqualification from the current week.
7. Stealing other users' icons and submitting them as your own will earn an instant ban, as well as forfeiting all previous wins.
8. Voting for your own icon, as well as tactical voting, is prohibited, and will also earn an instant ban.
9. Do not criticize other entries.
10. Taking of any icons before the winners are announced is not allowed. Wait for the announcement of winners, or leave a comment in the announcement post, so as to give proper credit to the maker.


Every Saturday evening (GMT + 08:00), a moderator will post a new theme. Members will have up until the next Saturday evening (10:00 PM) to submit their icons.

Submissions should include the following:

Credits: seikochan, kyoy


Voting will usually take place from Saturday evening till Monday evening, at which the results of the week's challenge will be announced. You are allowed to vote only once, and not for your own icons. Recruiting of people to vote for your icon and other such tactics is strictly prohibited.

To vote, leave a comment at the voting post with your top three icons in order of preference. Your first choice will receive three points, your second choice two, and your third choice one. The entries will be numbered and randomized, so you only need to state the numbers of your choices.

There will also be a special category specified by the moderator. You are allowed to vote for any one icon for this category, even one you already voted for in your top three choices. As this is a separate category, each vote will count for one point.

In cases of more than 10 submissions to a theme, there will be a mod's choice category.

All comments will be screened so that the votes will only be seen by the moderators and the voter himself/herself.

Hall of Fame

A list of our past themes and the winning icons, located here.


Looking for a good base, or just a bit of inspiration? Here's are a few image galleries that may be able to help.

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Mods & Bannermakers

This community was established and is moderated by seikochan and kyoy. They, along with the wonderful treehugger_love, serve as this community's bannermakers, but alice_icontest is always willing to take on new volunteers!

If you would like to apply, just leave a comment with about three samples of your work at this screened post. :3



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