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26 August 2008 @ 08:21 pm
week 27 "family" [voting]  
This theme closes with 5 touching entries, huzzah!

1 2 3
4 5

How to Vote:

1st, 2nd
Special Category (below the rest)

♥ vote for 1st, 2nd and Best Composition for the special category
♥ the order of your votes matters so please take that into consideration
♥ do not vote for your own icon
♥ do not advertise/use your icons until voting has ended
♥ you can vote for the same icon twice—one for a placing and one for special category
♥ voting ends on August 29 at 10:00 PM (GMT + 8:00)
♥ good luck everyone!

Important announcement will come soon~
Mood: cold